A Renewable Energy Lab: What Will the Future of Renewable Energy Look Like?

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A Renewable Energy Lab: What Will the Future of Renewable Energy Look Like?

January 26th, 2022

Renewable energy mix by 2050

One of the things that make renewable energy so attractive is its potential to provide an endless supply of clean energy without any negative impact on the environment. There are many positive things to say about renewable energy, including the fact that it’s 100% environmentally friendly, it doesn’t produce harmful emissions, and it can be used in various forms around the world. In the future, renewable energy will power all of our homes and cars, reducing our dependence on fossil fuels while saving the environment at the same time. As part of our ongoing commitment to developing clean energy resources, we have partnered with Chungpa, a renowned manufacturer and worldwide distributor of renewable energy equipments who has done amazing renewable energy projects across Korea, Asia, and US energy sectors.

The future of renewable energy is looking bright, thanks to technology advancements and policies that promote sustainability. At present, less than 1% of our energy comes from renewable sources like solar and wind power. But that number is only going to grow in coming years—as we continue to see emissions rise, as we look for more efficient ways to generate electricity, and as scientists continue developing innovative new ways to harness clean energy. It’s time we start thinking about a renewable energy lab . . . The UAE is already home to some remarkable developments in renewable technology.

Despite UAE’s aggressive approach towards adapting to renewable energy sources, the availability of human resources within the country who are adept in this sector is minimal. This leads the government to acquire assistance from foreign companies and pay a higher price for the advancement. Educational institutions in UAE must address this scarcity of skilled resources and take essential steps to build a community that is well aware of the possibilities and technology of renewable energy. Our analysis shows that only 10% of universities within the UAE are providing an engineering course which is related to renewable energy.

Top reasons why UAE’s educational institutions need to educate students on renewable energy?

  • Solar and wind energy will become an ever-larger part of the UAE’s energy mix within the next couple of decades.
  • UAE is ramping up the production of renewable energy to 10% by 2030, targeting to generate annual savings of 1.9 billion.
  • Since 2010, the gas price in UAE is rapidly increasing whereas the price for solar photovoltaic (PV) systems is falling consistently.
  • Embracing renewable energy will reduce pollution and health issues which generate net annual savings of USD 1 million to 3.7 million by 2030.
  • As the country moves towards renewable energy, the demand for skilled professionals will be high generating plenty of job opportunities.

Our educational institutions must introduce renewable energy classes at school from an early age. This is extremely important as renewable energy will be one of the main sources of energy in future years. Students need to understand how it works and how we can use it for ourselves and for others around us. Dubai Electricity and Water Authority have announced plans to open a renewable energy lab to study how to best utilize solar, wind, and wave power in an effort to diversify their sources of energy. The lab will study how these types of energy can be used most effectively throughout Dubai. This is particularly relevant as more and more companies are utilizing green practices in an effort to reduce environmental impact. I recently got a chance to take a tour of Masdar City, which is in Abu Dhabi and houses many futuristic projects. One project that really caught my eye was their Renewable Energy Test Bed. This is an indication that emirates within the UAE have begun rolling out investments towards renewable energy projects to build a sustainable source of energy. And we as a facilitator have to support them by providing skilled resources to expedite the advancement.

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