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About us

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STEM kits, Robotics kits, Coding kits, IoT kits, AI kits in Dubai | UAE

In a world heralded by technology and innovation, EdNex ensures your institution doesn’t have to play catch up. We are a futuristic experiential learning and training consultant and solutions provider for K-12, Higher Education and Vocational & Industrial organizations based in Dubai, UAE.

Adopting consultative approach and partners, we seek to meet your training and learning needs with our world-class products and innovative solutions. With deep domain knowledge that comes from years of experience in the educational and training sector, EdNex helps create solutions that are the right fit for a multitude of curriculums and training methodologies.

Come reimagine learning spaces with us and create futuristic learning experiences for the next-generation learners and professionals.

WHY – What drives us!
We believe that education is the key for creating a strong society and technology is a powerful tool for creating an effective education experience for students of all grades.

What is the problem that we solve?
The face of education has changed due to the technology evolution plus after the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the education in its traditional face is not effective anymore. Lecturing and never enabling the students to engage in the educational process are exactly what make learning boring and dry. Students are collecting marks and forgetting all the information they studied rather than truly learning and improving their skills. Plus, the educators are suffering to communicate and interact with the students in classes. Moreover, parents are noticing how disconnected and distracted their sons and daughters are.

We were the first to take a step into integrating technology into education and to develop new solutions that would make the educational process efficient and smooth for students, tutors, and parents. We don’t sell products. We invest in a sector that would help build communities and impact hundreds of lives.

VISION – The Future of Education We Dream of
Hands-on and engaging educational systems that trigger students’ creativity, curiosity, and thirst for knowledge. Systems that prepare future professionals that would make our planet a better place to live for all generations.

MISSION – How are we saving the community?
And contributing to the SDGs?
EdNex LLC provides B2B solutions for both k-12 and high education especially for STEM. We also provide B2C educational kits for children who want to improve their STEM skills at home too. Through our products and services, we contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals that was put and approved by the United Nations.
We mainly contribute to Quality Education and secondary to Decent Work and Economic Growth, Responsible Consumption and Production, and Partnerships for the Goals.

VALUES – What we believe in?
• Innovation
• Communication
• Boldness
• Inclusion
• Equality