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Block Chain Training

Block chain Training2023-06-22T10:41:13+04:00


Using Blockchain for notary services will become mainstream in the next few years.This comes with several advantages, the greatest of all being the ability to verify a fact or a document in a provenly truthful way without the need tostore it in a proprietary database, instead uploading a cryptographic digest of the datum on a decentralized network which is distributed on and maintained bymillions of computers around the world.

Gradbase is at the forefront of this innovation and its fully functioning and secure solution enables universities to issue academic qualifications on theBlockchain, alongside their regular paper diplomas. Gradbase enables employers to instantly verify the authenticity of these qualifications, just by scanning a QR code ona CV or LinkedIn profile.

Beyond academic qualifications, Gradbase also enable companies and institutions to issue, for instance, professional positions (including work experience) and certificate-based qualifications.

How does Gradbase work?

  • Any university can build an excel spreadsheet where each line corresponds to the detailsof a student’s diploma (e.g. first name, last name, course name, grade, etc). A spreadsheetcan contain up to 250 student diplomas at once.
  • The University will then upload the spreadsheet(s) on Gradbase.
  • The spreadsheet is then processed for errors, and minor errors (such asspelling mistakes in the degree classification or course name) are automaticallycorrected.
  • An encrypted digest of the data in the spreadsheet will be stored on the Bitcoin Blockchain with just the click of a button.
  • Each student will receive an email from the University with the details of their qualifications, a link to the qualification on Gradbase and his custom QR code.
  • The Student can now easily include the new QR code on their CV or on their business card or their LinkedIn profile, to prove that they graduated from the particular University, and can easily share the QR code with potential employers, etc. who will verify the student’s credentials by just scanning the code.

Why Gradbase and Blockchain?

Data in a Blockchain can never be tampered with, nor removed. This is because strong cryptographic protection is in place so that newer blocks of data holdreferences to older blocks. Changing older blocks will modify and thereforeinvalidate said references. Moreover, strict cryptographic mechanisms are in place that enables unauthorized, local modifications to be detected and rejected. Secondly, the redundancy of Blockchain allows an uptime as close to 100% aspossible, and therefore an almost guaranteed availability of data which issafeguarded against hacks.