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Robotics and Coding for Schools

Robotics and Coding for schools2023-06-22T11:42:24+04:00
Robotics and Coding solutions for schools

robotics and coding solutions for schools

Robotics and Coding Solutions for Schools


Primary to High Schools with a robot that grows with the children.

Coding & Robotics is not for the future; it is part of the present. Every child needs their own Robot similar to books and computer to develop their skill in Robotics and Coding. With this programme, every student gets a Robot that grows with them as they progress from basic Robotics and Coding to advanced mechanical design and script-based coding such as Python, Javascript, C++, Arduino and Swift. Every school/child gets access to a world-class teaching portal to guide students from basic to advanced coding and robotics.

Get a customized learning portal for your school.
Robotics and Coding solutions for schools

Robotics and Coding solutions for schools

Personalized Training with Certification through Schools

BYOR gives maximum engagement with students, building various levels of competencies and skills as they learn application of STEM concepts into action. As students progress through various grades and build skills in Robotics and Coding alongside, they will have the opportunity to earn Certificates for various levels of proficiency demonstrated. Students can earn 3 levels of Certification.