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Today, manufacturing is rapidly evolving towards a global distribution goal, where quality material and advanced technologies allow anyone anywhere to make just about everything.

Facilitate your student’s practical exposure to technology, experimentation, and prototyping with EdNex FAB Lab Solutions. Design and create a forward-thinking space that fosters innovative and efficient engineering projects- let students play, create, learn, and invent. Allow your students to learn and innovate with our advanced engineering lab solutions.

Our complete FAB Lab setup includes 3D Printers & Scanners, IoT & Electronics, Mechanical section with CNC Lathe, VMC & Laser cutting/ Engraving, Conventional Machines, Carpentry, Power Tools, Fabrication & Painting.

Build a FAB Lab with EdNex to provide your students with professional guidance and technical support. With our state-of-the-art FAB lab solutions, students can build prototypes much faster and reduce the product development cycle.

FAB labs help build skills and improve:

  • Design freedom
  • Lead times
  • Product customization
  • Product/Service cost scale
  • Material use
  • Supply chain decentralization

Our fabrication laboratory includes the devices, programs, sources, and raw materials required to implement innovative and creative projects. With EdNex FAB Labs, your students can work together on innovative projects to expand their knowledge horizons and gain practical understanding with quality experiences.

Contact EdNex team and work with our expert to design and build a FAB lab based on your vision and needs. Empower your students with unmatched technology, innovative space, and the ability to create without limit.