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IoT Lab Solutions

IoT Lab Solutions

As IoT, AI, machine learning and other advanced technologies become mainstream, the next decade is going to witness an emergence of new engineering careers and engineers will build more and more products and applications with technologies integrated.

IoT is developing quickly and being adopted in many different areas and engineers need to know a variety of skills to design and implement an IoT system.

Engineering schools and departments face the huge challenge of motivating and preparing their students for challenging technology careers and help them fully understand IOT applications, the mechanisms and their significance in the future.

In order to build a sustainable workforce for the future, and to train the current workforce on these emerging technologies, institutions must adapt their curricula to include these topics to effectively address this gap.

EdNex brings to you advanced IoT lab solutions for engineering that offer both the benefit of offering students the facility to access a full-fledged functional laboratory via the internet, as well as curriculum-based solutions for industry-relevant IoT applications which will enable students to pursue careers in real life IoT application engineering and innovation.

Advanced IoT lab Curriculum for application engineering and innovation

• Electronics
• Telecommunications
• Mechatronics

Key Features:

• A real hardware lab that is accessed and controlled via the internet using a web browser
• Supports an entire classroom to conduct remote experiments simultaneously, while allowing the teacher to monitor the class and give
• Integrated with the CMS of the institution
• Gives the flexibility of anytime, anywhere access to the lab, with real-time logging of student experiment progress and access
• Fault insertion capability for student debugging
• Easy to set up and install

Hardware Labs with IoT for

IoT is developing quickly and being adopted in many different areas and engineers need to know a variety of skills to design and implement an IoT system. EdNex offers an integrated curriculum and technology solution for Engineering students in the areas of:

• Electronics
• Telecommunications
• Mechatronics
• Control Systems
• Robotics
• Aviation and Aerospace

IoT Lab Solutions

Key Skill Development

Some of the key skills developed through the IoT Curriclum which will enable them to innovate and develop future IoT-based smart systems, applications and solutions:

• Instrumentation
• Modeling and Control System Design
• Rapid Controls Prototyping Software
• Embedded Systems
• Program Design
• Networking
• IoT Application Protocol

Key IoT Training Solutions

IoT SMART PIONEER LIGHT – Integrated Platform

Teach your students how to acquire sensor information for IoT basic technology and practice various motor and actuator control exercises. Also, give your students a hands-on experience of IoT service easily by using Android based cloud Interworking app.

IoT Lab SolutionsIoT Lab Solutions

Key Features

• Sensor data collection is implemented around Open Hardware Platform, so anyone can easily experience IoT service.
• Provides 6 basic sensor data bases and application examples.
• Provides module practice function using firmware and it is possible to acquire sensor information and practice actuator control to
acquire IoT basic technology for each module.
• By building a gateway, it is possible to process various projects through sensor information monitoring and remote access control
• Provides AWS-based cloud services.
• Android-based cloud Interworking apps.

IoT Lab SolutionsIoT Lab Solutions

IoT SMART Server

In addition to the basic concept of IoT, teach your students how to implement IoT remote control system in various ways. This product was developed to provide the broad knowledge and experience from the beginning to the completion of IoT field leading the future science and technology.

IoT Lab Solutions


• Learn different ways to control sensor including basic control, remote control via wireless communication
• Provides about 120 examples and programs
• Control and experience about 30 kinds of sensors used in real life
• Experience server building required in IoT
• Experience Raspberry Pi and Linux
• Learn about Bluetooth communication
• Experience HTTP protocol and server/client communication
• Learn the interface between programs through CGI
• Experience a wide range of programming language such as C, HTML, PHP, and JavaScript, etc.
• Provides training on web page composition via JavaScript
• Provides Android-based HTTP interlocking application
• Provides Android-based Bluetooth interlocking application

IoT Lab Solutions

Curriculum Content

• Overview of IoT
• Configuring IoT Smart Server and Practice Environment
• Practice for Smart Sensor Control Using Raspberry Pi
• Remote Control Using Bluetooth
• Web Server Construction Using Lighttpd
• Remote Control Using PHP
• Configuring Interface Using JavaScript

IoT Lab SolutionsIoT Lab Solutions


IoT Lab Solutions

Sensors Layout

IoT Lab Solutions