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After School stem Programs

After-School STEM Programs2023-06-22T12:08:05+04:00
After School Stem Program in Dubai

After School Stem Program in Dubai

After School STEM Program

An After School Program provides meaningful STEM learning experiences for a diverse student group. At EdNex, we believe that every child needs support outside their everyday classroom earning to help them develop holistically. An After School Program allows schools to create a fun, test-free space where children can work together in groups to promote each other’s growth.

Let children experiment with STEM ideas in real-world situations. EdNex After School Program aims to build a stimulating environment where children can experiment with new technologies and STEM concepts in a fun way with hands-on learning.

EdNex provides several After School Programs designed for children at different stages of education. Students know more when you put things in their hands and let them experiment. The key focus of our After school Programs is the promotion of the 4Cs of the 21st Century education system- Creativity, Collaboration, Critical-Thinking, and Communication.

EdNex After School Program allows students to explore our most reputed Coding & Robotics Programs, including BYOR Program (8-14 years), AI & IoT Programs (14-18 years), and 3D Printing Programs (10-16 years). The aim is to educate children in a fun and interactive way while ensuring that the After School Program is customized to support and enrich classroom learning. We work with you to promote consistency and continuous learning for your students across all age ranges.

Our Online Coding & Robotics Programs for After School Programs include:

BYOR Program: 8-14 Years

Give a robot to each child and let them grow together- that’s the core idea behind EdNex’s BYOR Programs, which aims to help children grow up intimately familiar with Coding and Robotics. When coding and robotics become core subjects for young students in After School programs, they will carry their robots to school just like they carry their notebooks and textbooks.

AI & IoT Program: 14-18 Years

We help students build the future technology skills needed for Industry 4.0. Our AI & IoT Program includes courses at Beginner and Advanced level that allow students to adopt a hands-on methodology to learn Coding, Machine Learning, and Programming. Accelerate your student’s capacity to invent and innovate with our AI & IoT After School Program.

3D Printing: 10-16 Years

We help your students’ imagination come to life and complete the circle of ideation with our low-cost Desktop 3D Printers. By combining our innovative 3D Printing Solution with our After-School Initiative, we allow you to create a learning environment that is dynamic and paradigm-changing.