AI and IoT for University

//AI and IoT for University

AI and IoT for University

September 19th, 2019
Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms are transforming systems, experiences, processes, and entire industries and professionals with proficiency & skills in these fields are in high demand. Universities must offer structured courses in fundamentals of AI, machine learning and IoT and how to apply them to solve complex, real-world problems, thereby preparing them for successful careers.

TensorFlow-based AI & IoT Education Platform with Voice Recognition Function

Teach from basic theory of AI to algorithms using TensorFlow that are used for machine learning and deep learning. Teach how to control the actuator and the response to information request based on speech recognition using API provided by Google.

AI Lab Solutions

Key Features

• Sensor data collection through Open Hardware Platform.
• Machine Learning & Deep Learning using TensorFlow.
• Voice recognition using Google’s API.
• Provides 10 basic sensor data bases and application examples.
• Provides unit module practice function using firmware to learn sensor information and actuator control exercises for acquiring.
• IoT basic skills for each module.
• By building a gateway, it is possible to carry out various projects through sensor information monitoring and remote access control function.
• Provide AWS-based cloud services.
• Android-based cloud interworking app is provided.

AI Lab

Teaching Modules

AI Module:

1. Machine Learning – What is machine learning? – Types of machine learning – Machine learning algorithm
2. Practice Equipment Introduction
3. Raspberry Pi – Introduction and development environment setting
4. TensorFlow – Introduction to TensorFlow – Development environment to use TensorFlow – Using TensorFlow function – Implement algorithm using TensorFlow
5. Google Assistant – Introduction to G.A – G.A development environment setup and account setup – First conversation with G.A – Device control using speech recognition

IoT Module:

1. Overview of IoT (Internet of Things)
2. Equipment Configuration and Practice Environment Configuration
3. Practice of Smart Sensor Control using Arduino
4. Raspberry Pi
5. Practice Smart Sensor Control using Raspberry Pi
6. Smart Sensor and Cloud Integration


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