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STEM Kits for Schools

EdNex is a reliable and trusted STEM Kits supplier in Dubai, UAE, with a range of kits suitable for students in different stages of their education. The world is changing fast, and with it, the need for scientific and technological innovations has become increasingly important. Students need a comprehensive and well-developed environment to learn core concepts and subjects. STEM Kits allow your classroom to do this using an exciting, interesting, and experiential approach.
EdNex STEM Kits provide the technology and support organizations need to create stress-free spaces for your young learners. Our STEM Kits deliver world-class equipment and futuristic technology to your school, helping you develop interactive STEM lesson plans. These kits enable teachers and students alike to build their skillset and work within an engaging environment.
We have designed STEM Kits for both In-School Programs and After-School Programs in the UAE. Each STEM Kit includes comprehensive hardware, software, and study materials targeted for specific age range. We aim to achieve deep integration of technology and education by enabling students to construct ideas into reality and lower the entry threshold of creation and invention.

EdNex provides clients various STEM Kit Technologies to client across the UAE, including:

STEM Kits | Makeblock mBot2Makeblock mBot2

mBot2 is an all-in-one solution that allows children to learn programming, electronics, and robotics in a more hands-on manner. Powered by CyberPi, mBot2 provides infinite ways to introduce various STEM concepts into your classrooms.

A mBot2 kit provides extended capabilities, growing in complexity depending on the student’s educational level. It can start as an entry-level solution and go all the way to upper secondary and beyond.

Each mBot2 STEM Kit solution includes sensors, electronic modules, mechanical parts, and easy-to-use mBlock graphic programming software. Allow your students to learn at a pace that works best for them.

STEM Kits | Makeblock Ultimate 2.0Makeblock Ultimate 2.0

The Ultimate 2.0 10-in-1 Robot Kit is perfect for teaching mechanical design, electronics, and programming. Ultimate 2.0 is compatible with both Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Allow young learners to expand their understanding and creativity with more than 10 different configurations that Ultimate 2.0 offers. The kit is highly compatible and standard complaint, making it the leading STEM Learning Kit used by schools and educators.

STEM Kits | Makeblock mTinyMakeblock mTiny

mTiny is the perfect learning companion for young children growing up in the digital age. It is a tangible programming language experience for kids, using physical blocks and theme-based story maps to create an engaging simulation for growing minds. In response, the robot generates immediate life-like feedback, which encourages kids’ participation and problem-solving processes. With the mTiny STEM kit for young children, we offer open-ended play activity packages that combine content areas like maths, music, and art.

STEM Kits | Makeblock Codey RockyMakeblock Codey Rocky

Codey Rocky is a smart robot for beginner coding and AI learning. It includes 10+ Programmable modules based on Block-based programming and allows you can switch to Python with one click. Codey Rocky easily connects with various operating systems, making it ideal for classroom use.
Students can use Codey Rocky to code and design funny applications. Children can learn to use Codey Rocky in pairs, using a single robot to get familiar with creative coding.

Arduino CTC GOSTEM Kits | Arduino CTC GO

CTC GO! is an educational program consisting of several modules combined to teach different core subjects in your classroom.
This Arduino STEM kit includes 8 Arduino UNO Wi-Fi Rev2 boards & 8 Arduino Education shields, with two breadboard sizes for each UNO board. The CTC GO toolbox includes an electronic component pair, sensors, a set of batteries, media and storage, cables assembly pieces, student group boxes, and additional components.
CTC GO is suitable for a classroom of 24 students between the ages range of 14 to 17.

STEM Kits | PocketLab BundlesPocketLab Bundles

PocketLab provides schools with a range of STEM kits Bundle to help make physics and engineering more fun and interesting for students across different age groups. With PocketLab bundles, you can build integrated and comprehensive lesson plans. Students can use the kit toolbox to collect data, analyze, and learn concepts in real time.
PocketLab STEM kits includes various sensors, temperature probes, silicone cases, chargers, cables, and devices. PocketLab bundles includes:
PocketLab Voyager is sleek an 8-in-1 multi-sensor that makes the whole science lab fit in your hand. Teachers can design hundreds of science experiments using this sensor, helping students explore physics, engineering, earth science, chemistry and biology.
PocketLab Air is a rugged multi-sensor that allow (almost) anyone to conduct professional-grade air research. With Air, students can start collecting data right away without any need for extensive training.
PocketLab Weather has all the core features of a Voyager multi-sensor customized to study and analyze the weather. Allow students to be mini-meteorologist and explore weather-related concepts.
With EdNex, you can customize your PocketLab bundle to match your needs and lesson plans perfectly.