About EdNex

EdNex is a world-class futuristic experiential learning and training consultant and solutions provider, offering world-class innovative products and solutions in both classrooms and online platforms for K-12, Higher Education, Vocational and Industrial organizations.

We adopt a consultative approach and partners with customers to meet their learning and training needs in order to prepare the new generation with skills and knowledge required to succeed in the 21st century.

We help these organisations in reimagining their learning spaces and create futuristic learning experiences for the next generation of learners and professionals. With deep domain knowledge gained over years of working in the education and training sector, we successfully align our product and solutions with diverse curricula and training methodologies in a deeply integrated and sustainable model, for exceedingly positive learning outcomes.


The learning ecosystem is undergoing a massive transformation.

As we witness the emergence and propagation of new innovations and advancement of technologies, there is a huge gap between the preferred learning methods by millennials to the traditional learning spaces and systems offered by educational institutions currently. We are seeing a movement towards a digitally enabled, hands-on/experiential learning ecosystem in the immediate future in both public and private segments.

The shortage of teachers in the region, compounded by the lack of skills and tools required to teach in the new classroom ecosystem. There is no formal certification / training program available for teachers to prepare them to teach millennials in the new ecosystem. Moreover, the dependence on expatriates, who are transient in nature, is further challenging the availability. The opening of new institutions in the region is not likely to help the situation.
Learn-as-you-go, flexible classrooms, and self-learning models are fast emerging driving the need for education providers to offer both digital infrastructure and suitable curricula and learning aids to support these demands.

The GCC education system is yet to align itself with the needs of the globalized industry and become competitive in the fields of science and research. Because of the skill gap, unemployment among the youth in the member nations has increased. Bridging the education to employability gap in the future, particularly at a time when the industry is undergoing massive transformation is a huge need that has to be fulfilled.