We help K-12, higher educational, vocational and corporate organisations in the design, development and deployment of futuristic learning ecosystems. Such ecosystems will include new learning environments to support a new generation of learners build a broad range of experiences and skills, while helping the educators excel in a diversified role.


Some of our solutions that will help in shaping these futuristic ecosystems include:

• STEM Labs
• Makers Spaces
• Learning Resource Centers
• Robotics Labs
• Innovation Zones
• Fab Labs
• Design and Technology Labs
• Online Learning Platforms
• Assessments and Analytics Platforms


With the advancement of new technologies such as AI, Blockchain, IOT, etc. educational institutions are transforming into a more futuristic learning spaces.  More and more organisations and governments are leveraging new developments in communications and IT and are investing in infrastructure projects to modernize the education system in order to facilitate their students with more digitally enabled, hands-on and flexible learning platforms.

EdNex helps schools, universities, and vocational training centers in designing and commissioning advanced digital ecosystems that support their efforts in modernizing their learning infrastructure.  Our digital ecosystems include:

  • ERP
  • Digital Content
  • Content Management Systems
  • Assessment Systems
  • Analytics and Reporting Tools
  • Parental Engagement Platforms



advanced ecosystem


There is a serious lack of certified skilled workers in specific unorganized vocational skills sector.  This is a huge challenge for governments and ministries to skill and formalize the workforce through certificate programmes and standardize systems to improve safety indices and workforce efficiencies.

The nationalization of workforce agenda of the GCC Countries has led to a huge demand for skill development among the GCC citizen.  The region is also host to a huge expatriate population of skilled workers who may not be compliant with the regional / local regulatory / standards frameworks. Therefore, formalization and certification of expatriate skilled workforce is a big priority for GCC regulatory bodies.

Engg&Voc Solutions

EdNex offers advanced hands-on learning lab solutions, pilot plants, certification programmes, etc., to engineering colleges, universities, vocational training institutes, industrial and manufacturing sector to help them:

  • Bridge education to employability gaps
  • Develop highly skilled workforces
  • Become compliant through certification
  • Improve efficiencies and safety

Our Engineering Lab and Dedicated Skill Development Solutions include:

  • Futuristics Labs with IOT to enable anytime, anywhere access
  • Mechanical Engineering Labs
  • Electrical Engineering Labs
  • Electronics Engineering Lab
  • Instrumentation Engineering Labs
  • Process Operators Training Labs

Our Quality, Safety, and Certification Solutions include:

  • International Standards Training Certification
  • Quality improvement Program (QIP) for Lab Engineers




Traditional classrooms are rapidly evolving into advanced learning ecosystems and there is an increased demand for an entire generation of future workers to be skilled and trained in tools and technologies that will drive future economies and industries.

EdNex offers a Global STEAMNET Platform that delivers well-researched and masterfully developed STEAM Programmes to K-12 and Higher Educational Institutions through a combination of hands-on activities and individualised instruction.  Our STEAM Curriculum has been developed by experienced SMEs (subject matter experts) to accommodate students across different learning styles, preferences and abilities. Students show greater interest in learning by way of enquiry, exploration, questioning, debate, application, collaboration, challenge in a stark contrast to the traditional teacher-led model.


EdNex complements an expertly designed, easy-to-deploy STEAM programme, mapped with diverse curricula, with a complete Teacher Resource, Training and Certification module to prepare and equip the teaching staff on STEAM programs and principles.

Global Steamnet Platform